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Our Programs

Leaders and Teams

We facilitate conversations, amplify strengths, build relevant leadership capabilities and optimise team effectiveness.


We demystify culture, then ensure your aspirations are clearly defined and aligned to your strategic priorities.

Communication & EQ

We deliver high impact and interactive learning experiences that challenge people to engage and interact differently.


We empower leaders to work purposefully towards their aspirations and goals while resolving personal obstacles along the way.

How We Work

We help leaders to find their own, unique way through the demands of an increasingly complex landscape. It can be tricky staying on course, when expectations, relationships and old habits get in the way. Through robust coaching and facilitation, we guide our clients to articulate their purpose and be prepared for what's coming.

Our Process

At Interclan, we focus on sustainable learning.

For the learning to stick and the participants to feel supported, we:

  • Equip their managers with helpful support tools and notes
  • Remind the learner every day about their commitment to change (prompts via their mobile device)
  • Create online communities with relevant reading and videos.

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